NYLT Staff Interviews

NYLT Staff Interviews
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  We are proud to present the much anticipated National Youth Leadership Training course for 2021. The course will take place this winter concurrent with the Gulf Coast Council's winter camp program. The course will begin December 26th promptly at noon and run till December 31st at noon as well, specific details and times will come in future announcements. We encourage all those interested in attending to apply early as we have a limit of 48 participants. 

   We are looking for all those past participants interested in serving on staff for the 2021 NYLT course. Those interested in serving on staff need to fill out the attached staff application and prepare a short 3-5 minute presentation, teaching a topic or skill that interests you, incorporating the methods and principles learned in the NYLT course. The course has limited but equally important positions and we are asking for those interested in being on staff to prepare a list of positions they would like to serve in. Your list should include qualifying accomplishments ( I have been SPL before is not a complete qualification) we want you to sell yourself, we are planning a top notch program and need top notch staff.

   Interviews will be held at STSR during the final week of summer camp (resident camp) July 5-7, 2021. We understand and appreciate there is a lot going on this summer after the restrictions from Covid, but ask that you try and make these dates work. If you can't make it in July, please call Chris Pelfrey, James Odom, or Bill Vander Tulip for an alternate date in May. Please understand this is a big task and requires the obligation of multiple training and preparation weekends as well attendance for the duration of the course week. 


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